Saturday, April 2, 2011

Juliet Cabrera

Juliet Cabrera is a hot Cuban model who is 24 years old and lives in Miami, FL

(This is from her model mayhem profile)

My name is Juliet. I was born in the beautiful island of Cuba. I would like to network with amazing and talented individuals that can help my modeling and TV career grow to new heights. I have been featured and published many times and am now making it a living.
I am NOT INTERESTED IN DOING NUDE PHOTOS...although I believe the body is beautiful, leaving some to the imagination is even better! I am girl of class. I have high respect for myself, my image, my personality, the way i dress, and what I represent. I am very professional and fun to work with, and require the same respect.

Here is more info on Juliet Cabrera

Now on a scale from 1-10, ten being the highest what would you rate Juliet Cabrera?


  1. yo for real though, that 3rd pic is fuckin sexy. She fine I give her a 9.3

  2. 9.3!? Your a dumbass more like an 8.2 she is hot but not SEXY!!! WTF r u talking about "T1MMYD"

  3. nevermind dawg she get a 8.1, i saw dis bad facial expression she busted out, hell naw. Yo TriusFRANCE why do fuck u gettin so funky dawg? i didnt do nothin 2 u

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  5. WTH! Shut up!!!! 8.4 excactly Jar3d19


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