Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Carol Seleme Daniel

Carol Seleme Daniel is a sexy Brazilian model who is also has a major in Fine Arts at Otis College of Art/Design


Smooth Magazine Issue #50 (Rear-view feature)

Smooth Magazine Issue #51 (8-page spread + interview)

Lina Vega Catalog- Summer 2011

Online Catalogs and Landing Pages

365 Hangers (

Emagine It Studio (

Royale Clothing (

Purefaith Clothing (

Body by JD ( … ;Itemid=50)

Cheaky Swimwear (

Promotional Modeling
Boost Mobile - P-Diddy private party, Avalon 2011

Roadstarr - DUB Car Show, Staples Convention Center 2011
Colour Hair Care - ISSE Hair Show, Long Beach Convention Center 2011 

Here is more info on Carol Seleme Daniel


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  2. 7.9 she is cute, so funny how girls always brings up college like it makes them "HOTTER" haha

  3. 7.8 she is cute but not my type. She isn't hotter than Bianca Beauchamp!

  4. aye she cute n all but she got somethin crazy about her, now i ain't got nothin against art but she be makin some weird shii fool, i dont think she got it all. I give her a 7.9, she sexy though love dat 1st n 2nd pics(DAMN). yo cHR1ST0pHeR87, u kinda crazy fool, u should've been on All That or sumthin

  5. haha lol t1mmyD your 1 funny dude but to be honest I think he is right. Bianca Beauchamp is hotter and her art is very twisted and freaky.


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